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Hero of the Day?

Would you be willing to watch a stranger’s senseless death, or would you be willing to kill and protect a life? Oh, and by the way, you now have mere seconds to make up your mind: 3…2…1…Times up!


David Alan Taylor simply wanted to celebrate his birthday, but fate had other plans for him that night; forcing him to blindly choose between getting involved or watching things evolve.


What would you do?

This is the simple choice presented to David; just a normal guy with a day job, social security card, and living an ordinary life in a rather ordinary world. Will David just be another spectator to a tragic event, or will he become the unexpected hero, or perhaps the villain?  


More importantly, what is the dire consequences of being a Hero of the Day?


Sometimes, they can be deadly.

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Release Date:  November 26, 2022

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Hero of the Day Book Trailer
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