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Project Lieutenant

Lieutenant Paul Choy never thought he would meet a woman who could best him, brain for brain, especially when the brain belongs to one of the most exquisite faces he has ever seen. Best of all, she also seems interested in him. Maybe his luck with women is changing, and he might finally end up with a girlfriend.

Fashion designer Meara McBride had only two goals: open a boutique with her best friend, Noelani Choy, and take a much-needed break from men. It would not be easy, but she would do anything to make her dream come true. Even her epiphany about being single would keep her career on track. Until a hair-brain scheme of turning the soft-spoken Paul into a chick magnet backfires, leaving them both head over heels.

Can they design their own fairytale romance and survive a crazed stalker, too? With a family like the Kapahu’s, anything is possible.

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Release Date:  February 14th, 2024

How to buy?  Upon release, a listing of all book retailers will be made available here with direct links to the book.

Project Lieutenant Book Trailer
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