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Belen Books

Submissions & Guidelines

During our open submission period, we accept unsolicited manuscripts based on the genres we are looking for at that time.  This can include, but not limited to, subgenres providing that the submitted work is primarily one or the other [i.e. Paranormal Romance: must have both elements to be considered, but if Romance is our open period, be sure there is an active Romance plot intertwined in your story].


  • Young Adult fiction (no sparkling vampire romances, be mindful of your language)

    • All subgenres ​

  • Mystery/Suspense

    • Crime

    • Detective

    • Cozy

    • Whodunit

    • Noir

  • Romance (no BDSM)

    • Contemporary

    • Urban

    • Paranormal

  • Science-fiction

    • Space Opera

    • Dystopian

    • Dark

    • Techno-Thriller

    • Cyberpunk

  • Fantasy

    • Urban

    • Sword & Sorcery

    • Fairytale

    • Heroic

    • Dark

  • Horror / Thriller (no splatter-punk)


*(no fan-fiction)

Submissions, Requirements and Guidelines

Please submit only one query at a time. Once you have been contacted by one of our staff members, you may send another query for a different story.  Please pick the one you consider to be your best work, and most likely to fit our list.  For this part of the process, send only your query letter, synopsis*, and your manuscript’s first two chapters.


Note: If your manuscript contains a Preface, you may include it with your two submission chapters.


However, before submitting your work, please make sure that your manuscript is finished, written in English, and double-spaced with standard formatting.  Please see the following bullet-points:

  • No password protected documents. 

  • Upload in *.pdf format only

  • Do not include any interior artwork (illustrations, layouts, sketches, maps, etc.)

  • Only in the following accepted fonts:

    • Times New Roman

    • Cambria

    • Arial


Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we cannot respond personally to every query, therefore a standard response letter will be sent to you if we elect not to pursue your manuscript. At Belen Books, we read and carefully consider every query we receive, and will send you a response unless specified in your query letter that one is only necessary if we are not interested.  If we do request a manuscript, our turnaround time can take as little as a few days, or up to three months, so please be patient.


Thank you so much for your interest in publishing with Belen Books. We look forward to reading your submission!


*Hint: We consider your synopsis similar to the description you would place on the back of your book cover.  It is your ‘hook’, the first impression that a reader experiences that influences whether or not they take your book to the cashier or put it back on the shelf.  Please limit to 250 words

Submission Information: OPENING SOON

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