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Eleanor's Creek

Sinister roots run deep in the sleepy town of Cordale, nestled in the rural farmlands of Central Illinois. They ran so deep journalist and newcomer Kenneth Holden could not see the depths they descended. When he investigates the events of the May Day Revival in 1968, he opens old wounds that have been festering for over fifty years.


It wasn't until the day the storms came that brought the truth to the surface of this deceptively picturesque township. These events also roused the spirit of 15-year-old Eleanor Pratchett from the creek, demanding retribution from the townsfolk and him.


There are facts to learn; time repeats itself, and as Kenneth tries desperately to know the truth, he unwillingly becomes a player in young Eleanor's spiteful return.


In short, the creek has started killing again.

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Release Date:  Available Now

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Eleanor's Creek - Official Book Trailer

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