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Modern Magic

Book Details: 442 pgs. | 112K wds.

There are no magical schools… There are no flying cars or dark forests full of spiders…

And brooms?  They are made for sweeping.

There is Magic, however, and it is Modern, governed by old-age rules to preserve it in the common day. Yet, despite all the rules, it sometimes shows itself accidentally, and for us, it just so happened to escape a sixteen-year-old girl named Nyssa.

This unintentional act attracts the attention of two powerful factions who, through millennia, have struggled to achieve dominance in a world where Magic has been disappearing. The Anathema uses it as a tool to dominate the daily advances of Mankind through politics, corporations, and forced social directions. Their counter-balance, the Consortia, has followed the old ways of Magic for centuries, which believe its use should only benefit Mankind, not harm it.

Regardless of faction loyalties, rules have been established to preserve what Magic remains. Despite the Anathema's ongoing disregard for many of those rules, Nyssa's sudden and unintentional display has both sides realizing that the rule books might be null and void.

Both sides want her for their own, yet fear her just the same, but if either faction gains the upper hand, the other will not sit idle.

Wars have started for less.

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Release Date:  09.12.2023

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