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P.L. Hight

P.L. Hight is an American author who enjoys spending time with his wife, family and friends. At one time, Mr. Hight envisioned himself being an astronaut, but upon learning the limitations of space travel, he chose to leave it to the professionals. In return, he chose to envision strange new worlds other than discovering them by putting that imagination to paper.

My Story

P.L. Hight is a Chicago native having grown up on the city's far southwest side [as he likes to point out: as far southwest you can go and still be in the city proper], having come up in the magnet public school system and spent many hours embraced by his local library. A part-time country mouse, he would spend many of his youthful summers working on his relative's dairy farms in Wisconsin; learning and experiencing a side of life many never get to see.

After years of technical, marketing, and human-impact writing, fiction became his new endeavor. His debut novel, 'Modern Magic' was written in 2009, as well as the connected following books, 'Some Kind of Magic' and 'Magic Most Foul'. After many years of searching, he has found a home for them here.

My Books

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Contact Author

To contact this author, or for booking inquiries, please use the adjacent email address.

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