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End of the Year Bliss!

Hello, all savvy Readers of the world!

We are both excited and happy that by year's end we reached our goal to have three titles out by three amazing authors in both print and eBook formats, but we are not finished, oh no. We are ramping up our efforts to have not only these titles but more to come in audiobook format as well.

Right now, you can get your copies of Selena's Song by Alisa K. Michaels; Hero of the Day? by Henry D. Trett and Bedtime Stories by Michael Frost at nearly all retailers worldwide (just click Shop to see where. The list is growing daily).

Next year starting early, we are releasing several books including Aria, which is book two of The Siren Series by Alisa K. Michaels, Hero of Yesterday? the second installment of Henry D. Trett, and re-introducing L.D.K. Johnson to the publishing world with Claiming Kai, which is book one of the Kapahu Series! Also, we are introducing Erica Christian Lloyd's debut mystery/thriller novel, Blame it on the Frogs. Don't fret if you are a horror junkie, Michael Frost is coming your way with two novels, Eleanor's Creek and Sowing Seeds to tantalize your horror-buds.

In short, we have 12+ titles for the 2023 calendar!

Who besides our talented authors and staff made this all possible? You, the dedicated reader whom we are immensely appreciative.

Thank you from all of us here!

Belen Books Publishing

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