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Updated: Sep 18, 2022

Welcome to Belen Books! Our dedicated staff would like to thank you for visiting our publishing website to meet our talented group of writers, and to also get a feel for our old-school approach to modern-day book publishing and digital design marketing.

As you can see by our choice of genres, unique book cover designs, and sophisticated video book trailers, we combine state of the art technology with high quality music and videos to create captivating, entertaining book trailers.

Do not be fooled. Even though we use updated methods to create marketability, our main goal is to print uniquely told stories that capture the imagination of both young and young-at-heart. In our humble opinion, the content of the book is the most important factor. A flashy cover or a theatre-style trailer can only get you so far. Everything is based on the quality of the words on the pages, and it is our ambition to introduce the world to new writing talent.


Our dedication to representing our gifted novelists can be seen in every aspect and stage of the publishing process including treating them with dignity and respect. Many publishing firms forget that part. Needless to say, Belen Books strives to surpass the expectations of both our writers as well as our readers.

Whether it be a sultry erotic romance, an edgy noir read, a spine-tingling horror, an adventurous YA fantasy, or a blood-pumping mystery/suspense, it is our sincerest hope that you will fall in love with our stories as much as we have.

--Liz 'Lil Bit' H., Co-Editor-in-Chief Belen Books, LLC

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