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Sowing Seeds

It started in fields during sowing season back in the fall of 1939, Langford sowed his red winter wheat on the hard-packed ground of clay and stones, despite what folks told him.


“Ain’t nothin’ gonna grow there,” they all whispered and jeered, and nothing did, until that night blood came to earth, and oh let me tell you, lots of things started growing.


Sowing Seeds is a dark journey through the epoch of one connected directly to the time of another, where what grows in a field yields horrors far beyond what we can imagine.

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Release Date:  Coming Soon

How to buy?  Upon release, a listing of all book retailers will be made available here with direct links to the book.

Very soon, you will be able to enjoy a wonderful video book trailer to the upcoming release of Sowing Seeds produced by the Belen Media Group.  Please check back soon or Subscribe for updates!

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