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Henry D Trett

Henry D Trett

Henry D Trett is an American author, artist, and entrepreneur. In addition, Mr. Trett has the unique honor of being the oldest of three children, and, oddly enough, also the youngest of five. Curious how that works, huh?


An Orlando native, Mr. Trett currently resides in the Southeastern region of the United States with his wife, three dogs, eighteen koi fish, and two tortoises named Lucky and Happy.

My Story

As told by the author...

"Like any child, I had questions about life and the world we all live in. The Who, the What, the When, and the How were all easy enough, but the why always seemed to be just beyond my grasp. Time went on, and as events beyond my control, both large and small, unfolded around me, I found an obsession in my pursuit of why things happen. But when I couldn’t find the answers that I sought, I filled in the gaps using my imagination. This unorthodox process unlocked a new world of possibilities that I could now control within my mind. So, what started as a futile exercise to understand why things happen, soon developed into multiple worlds; each alive and growing with every passing day. And, like any parent, whether we care to admit it, I have my favorites. These are the Worlds that I would return to, repeatedly, in my mind.  Eventually, I began writing the details of these new worlds, and the stories of everyday life within them. I have played many roles in my life; I have been a son, a brother, a father, a husband, an entrepreneur, an artist, a leader, a Friend, and countless other personas. But I am most comfortable being a writer and bringing my Worlds to this place, for your reading indulgence. I hope you enjoy what I have created, and I hope that you never give up the quest for why things happen."

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