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Michael Frost

Michael Frost

Michael Frost is an American author, engineer, math and science nut, who lives with his wife and a growing collection of green things thriving in his house (apparently, their acquired tomato plant is asking for food now; however, do not turn your back on it).  

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My Story

A published author with over 32 years of writing experience under his keyboard spanning a multitude of genres, Mr. Frost has landed with Belen Books Publishing to release his horror novel, Sowing Seeds.  


Having published his first short story at the age of 17, Mr. Frost has gone on to write more than 200 short stories, 40 novellas and 12 completed novels, and now he shares them with you.


To quote Mr. Frost: "I wouldn't look under the bed if I were you."

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To contact this author, or for booking inquiries, please use the adjacent email address.

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