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Finding Inspiration

By definition, inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative (Oxford online dictionary). Where does this mental stimulation come from? What triggers it? Naturally, it comes in many shapes and sizes, from a song on the radio to a spooky creaking sound that you hear in your attic.

One of our recently signed authors was inspired to write an entire book series based on an aria created by her favorite composer. “I remember being pregnant with my eldest daughter, watching Yanni Live At The Acropolis on tv when I felt her kicking, almost in time to the music. It was funny and painful at the same time, and all of a sudden visions of Sirens started bombarding my brain. Several years later, I felt compelled to write.” – Alisa K. Michaels, Author of The Siren Series.

Another found inspiration to write an entire book because of a popular song by OneRepublic. “…I was driving home when I heard Counting Stars start playing on my car radio. I turned it up and I pictured a love story playing out. Before long, I sat down and wrote an entire novel.”

– L. D. K. Johnson (Erotic Romance writer of The Kapahu Series, Counting Stars, Four Past Midnight, and Lup Teren).

Not surprisingly, Author Michael Frost was motivated to switch genres in order to get the attention of a beautiful young woman who was an avid horror reader. This began a more than thirty-year career of publishing some of the most thought-provoking short horror tales that have ever been written.

Debut noir writer, Henry D Trett, who’s Hero of the Day? is inspired by a combination of his life experiences and his flair for dramatics. This writer, who is comically obsessed with folk legend, Sasquatch, often teases Belen Books artists about hiding images of the hairy beast in his book covers. Not only is it a hilarious idea, but fun too. Now, I am not encouraging writers to do this, but as you can see, inspiration comes in many forms.

Does it matter what your motivation is for creating a masterpiece? No, not at all. What matters is what you do with that inspiration.

--Belen Books Publishing

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