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Erica Christian Lloyd

Erica Christian Lloyd

Erica Christian Lloyd is an American author and photographer who lives with her fiancé in Colorado with their two dogs Chip and Dale.  We smiled too.

A writer of mystery and thriller short stories, she is making her debut novel release with Belen Books.

My Story

L. D. K. Johnson first made her mark on the writing scene with her beloved contemporary erotic romance books, The Kapahu Series, set on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu.  Ms. Johnson followed with Counting Stars, Four Past Midnight, and the first installment of her adult Fantasy series, Lup Teren (Wolf Land Series).


After a several year hiatus from writing, L. D. K. is ready to jump back into the fray; wowing fans with sexy new stories, but not without a reintroduction of her prior books in a new home.

Contact Author

To contact this author, or for booking inquiries, please use the adjacent email address.

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